Shadow People

Shadow People

Shadow People

Shadow People (CD)

  • 1) Living a man

    08.53 Mins

  • 2) Uncertainty

    08:15 Mins

  • 3) Tragic Figure

    07:31 Mins

  • 4) Open Wounds

    06:01 Mins

  • 5) Farewell

    11:36 Mins

  • 6) Another Self

    07:34 Mins

  • 7) Epiphany

    04:06 Mins

Revisiting Shadow People after all these years and giving it a proper description was a perfect way to reminisce. This album was not only our first attempt to produce a full-length record, but also the commence of a new path in our music journey. It was around 2015 that we had decided to unceremoniously ‘’clean our palette’’ by removing all of our previous songs and reinvent Ant on Troubled Pine as a progressive rock act. Progressive rock and metal were already our favorite types of music to listen to, but the catalyst became a song called Tragic Figure. Kostas wrote this song some years prior and later reworked on it so that it would fit our sound better. Thus, after our little purge it became our only song for a small amount of time.

Our lineup was very different back then and included female vocals for the first time. Musically this album was affected a little by the general music movement of that period, that was moving towards more organic sounds with a small 70s rock influence. We used only WAV sounds for the keyboards and some extra instruments here and there (flamenco guitar, saxophone and a variety of traditional Greek percussion). There was no pre-planning for any of those additions and the compositions themselves led us to each decision.

Lyrically Shadow People is a very emotional album. It describes some different types of dreams, it talks about the disillusionment of life, it laments on unrequited love, all the while trying to keep hope alive. More or less the lyrics are written from the point of view of an imaginary character that has the blessing and the course of being a realist and a cynic and struggles to survive in the modern world. The character quickly perceives that he constantly fails to be happy and tries to decipher the true meaning of life and dreams but constantly fails to do so, only to have an enlightenment at the very end.

It is a true snapshot of where our music and philosophical explorations were at the time. We hope that you like it and that you can maybe find some similarities between the concepts it explores and your own lives!

Vocals: Eva Kioseoglou
Electric Guitars: Konstadinos Christopoulos
Bass guitar: Adam Pefkos
Keyboards: George Lioulios
Drums: Panos Topalidis
Recording/Mixing/Mastering: Michael Karamichalis (Mixroom_skg)



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