1924 (EP)

  • 1) 1924

    26:55 Mins

Not really sure if I should call this an EP. I guess that lengthwise it qualifies as such. In reality 1924 is just an unusually large song, consisting of smaller parts (chapters). It was meant to be that big since its pre planning phase that started years ago and its composition and recording were definitely new territories for us. I could fill pages describing all the setbacks and misfortunes that we had to endure while working on the project, but let’s just say that we are really glad to have it finished. 1924 is a passionate project inspired by the British expedition of the same year with the goal of summiting Mount Everest. The mission was concluded with the disappearance and deaths of George Mallory and Andrew Irvine at the 8th or 9th of June. Mallory’s body was found in 1999, but even before his discovery their attempt to summit had initiated countless debates of whether they have achieved or not.

I first came into contact with this story in 1999, reading about it in a children’s newspaper and since then it has haunted me. I would forget it for long periods of time and then start researching it again. It was one of those stories that never really left me. Since I got into songwriting from an early age and was always searching for inspirational ideas to help me write better lyrics, it is very weird that it had not dawned on me to use this one much sooner than we eventually did. I am very glad now that it did not happen, because I am afraid that any early and immature attempt could have never paid to this story the tribute that it deserves.

The song is based a little bit on history and a little bit on imagination. But most of all it is based on metaphor. Because if someone scratches a little under the surface, they will probably find similarities between the story of those two pioneers and the acts of millions upon millions of people. People that have to struggle in life to achieve their goals, but more often than not find out before the end that the goal is less important than the effort taken to achieve it. It is the love of life that motivates us to go on with our everyday struggles. Thus, this is not a song about death but a celebration of life.

Did Mallory and Irvine achieve their goal? If you ask us then we might tell you that it simply doesn’t matter.

Vocals: Konstadinos Christopoulos
Electric - Acoustic Guitars: Konstadinos Christopoulos
Bass guitar: Adam Pefkos
Drums: Vaggelis Tompros
Recording/Mixing: Paris Parasidis (toneroom_studio)
Drum Recording: Shellac Recording Studios
Mastering: Apostolos Siopis (Siopis Masters)
Artwork: Blue Thunder MoonChild



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